Nov 30, 2010

Little bit of this and that

It seems like this cold is getting to be like a broken record ...... back in October, I was sick for almost the whole month - most of November was good, and then Sunday morning I woke up with another cold!!!!!

It's hard not to be whiny and complaining about getting sick so often - I'm guessing that it is because of where I work .... all the sick people tend to congregate at the Drug Store, lol.  Just need to keep reminding myself that "this too shall pass".  ˚Ü˚

Today, there is exactly 25 days left till Christmas - we're slowly but surely getting our gifts made for each other ..... I had thought that Charlotte's was done, but she has requested something else for Christmas - not sure that I'll have time to make it, though ... may end up being an after Christmas gift (kind of a "just because" thing).  We'll see, though.  Josh's, from me, is almost done - just need to add a bit of stitching to it and it can go into the Christmas present box I have set up.  Don's Christmas gift is coming along nicely - it's wonderful that he works during the day, gives the kids and I time to work on his gifts without him knowing what we're doing, lol.

I really should get off the computer .... Charlotte babysits today, so we need to start getting ready to head out.  Before I sign off, though - I'll leave you with this:  this past Sunday (Nov. 28th) was the first Sunday of the Advent season ..... how do you and your family celebrate this special time of the year?

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