Dec 17, 2014

Christmas Tree Candle

I've been meaning to make these for most of this year ..... just been mulling around in my head how to make it look, in real life, the way it does in my head.  This past Saturday, I finally grabbed some yarn and my dpn's and sat down to create the Christmas Tree Candle & it worked - it looks just like I had envisioned it would.  Soooooooo, without further ado - I share my pattern with all of you and really hope that you like it (oh, this pattern has not been test knit, so, if you have any questions about it just ask & I'll try my best to help you out with it).  ˚Ü˚

Christmas Tree Candle

     - 4.0 mm dpn
     - medium weight yarn (I used Red Heart Soft Touch for the candle and Bernat Glow in The Dark yarn for the flame)
     - clothes pin
     - darning needle

Instructions for the candle:

- Cast on 15 stitches, join in the round (being careful not to twist the stitches) and knit each round for 19 rounds.
- *knit 2 tog, knit 3; repeat from * around (12 stitches)
- knit 2 together around (6 stitches)
- knit 2 together around (3 stitches), break yarn
****At this point, I take the tail and weave it through the 3 stitches that are on the needles and then pull it down the center top of the candle so it is on the inside of the tube for the candle, making sure to keep those 3 stitches on the needles because you'll need them to make the flame with.

Instructions for the flame:

- with the yarn for the flame, knit in the front and back of each of the stitches on the dpn's (6 stitches)
- knit 1 round plain (6 stitches)
- knit in the front and back of each stitch around (12 stitches)
- knit 1 round plain (12 stitches)
- knit 2 together around (6 stitches)
- knit 2 together around (3 stitches), removing each dpn as you go until all 3 stitches are left on 1 dpn.
- cut yarn, leaving 4 - 5" long tail (probably overkill on how long the tail should be, but I don't like having too short of a tail when I'm doing the finishing work on a project), thread darning needle with tail.  Insert darning needle in stitch furthest from stitch with the tail.  Slip the stitch from the dpn onto the darning needle, repeat with the other 2 stitches on the dpn.  Pull the darning needle and tail through all 3 stitches, pull tight, tie a knit (making sure that it is as close to the tip of the flame as you can get).  Now, take the darning needle (with the tail yarn still threaded in it) and put it down the tip of the flame, through the bottom of the flame into the candle so that the tail from the flame yarn is on the inside of the tube for the candle.  Remove the darning needle, trim the tail (from both the candle yarn and the flame yarn) & insert the clothes pin (handle will be closest to the flame).  Place candle on tree by squeezing the sides of the candle to open the clothes pin, place on tree branch and let go of candle.

Jan 13, 2014

Current Projects

Well, after a few weeks of perusing Ravelry, deciding on patterns and adding them to my Christmas Gift list, I have gotten started on one of the items today.  Unfortunately, I can't post a picture of it, or tell you what it is, because the recipient reads my blog.  ˚Ü˚

Thursday of last week I took my loom to weaving & started getting a new warp wound to put on it.  I had bought some cones of 100% cotton & I'm planning on weaving some dish towels.  This Thursday coming up, I'll need to finish winding the warp, and then I can start putting it on the loom.

It kind of looks like I'm just mixing the colours together, but, I'm actually attempting to make a striped warp.  Once the warp is put on the loom, the weft will also be striped - this will hopefully create a checkerboard type of look.  ˚Ü˚

I'll post progress pictures of how the towels are turning out as I work on them.  ˚Ü˚

I finished making the hooded scarf on my small rigid heddle loom ..... it turned out exactly as I had imagined it would.  We gave it to my Mom for Christmas - haven't heard how she likes it.

My DD was gracious & modeled the scarf for me .... the above pic is the front view, and here is a picture of the side view - I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  ˚Ü˚

Nov 28, 2013

Weaving a scarf

Today I started weaving a hooded scarf .... I'd been envisioning how this would look and I have to say, it is exceeding my expectations on how it looks, lol.

The warp is white Red Heart Super Saver and the weft is a white & blue variegated yarn (same weight as the warp, just don't know the brand).  The width, on the loom, is 11 1/8" .... not entirely sure how long it will be once it's finished.

I don't have a recipient in mind for it, yet ..... not sure if it will be a Christmas gift, if I'll keep it, or if I'll give it to Charlotte (like she's been hinting at since she's seen it, lol).