Dec 30, 2010

Charlotte went furniture shopping

All this month, Charlotte has been babysitting for a friend (not every day, lol), she has been saving up her money to buy a particular piece of furniture for her bedroom.  After a lot of looking, trying them out, thinking about them, etc., she finally decided on one particular couch .... she wanted it in the natural colour (which they didn't have) so, she settled on brown (that's the only colour that they did have, lol).  I'm actually quite glad that she didn't get the natural colour, it would have looked dirty a lot of the time.  Anyway, we went in to the city today and we picked it up, brought it home and set it up ..... she's pretty happy with it:

As you can see, it fits right underneath her loft bed - if she pulls up on the backrest, you can lay it down flat and it becomes a single bed (it's actually pretty comfortable to sit on, too).  ˚Ü˚

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