May 30, 2011

a little catching up

Well, it's been over a month since I have posted on my blog - things have been very, very busy for us this past while:
- Charlotte has been babysitting
- I'm working 2 days a week now, instead of just one
- swimming lessons were started (last one is this Friday)
- Josh has been getting ready to write his PAT's (part of one has already been written)
- the annual spring cattle drive at our friends place
- lots of stuff on the computer to get Josh ready for summer school and getting his work experience stuff all set up
- a little remodeling in our RV (Don took the shower out of it and put in a counter top with a sink in it, instead)

But, in the midst of all the busyness of the past month, there are days when our lives slow down and we are blessed to be able to spend time as a family ..... these are usually Sunday's for us, as we don't use any electronics that day (if it uses a monitor, we don't use it).

Yesterday was no exception ...... yes, our morning and early afternoon were busy (we went to Church, Charlotte and I were singing in the Choir, we were also doing Coffee and Greeting yesterday (providing snack for after Church fellowship and greeting people that came to Church - shaking their hands, saying good morning, and giving them a bulletin), after clean-up from coffee was done, we raced home so that Charlotte and I could go and babysit for some friends of ours .... we then came home and spent time as a family).  The evening, however, was fantastic ..... the kids and I were in the livingroom, discussing school stuff for our next school year (figuring out what curriculum to use, and getting our school schedule figured out, too) and Don was in the kitchen installing a new microwave for us.  Our livingroom and kitchen are open to each other, so it was very easy for all of us to discuss school/share thoughts about what we'd like to see happen for the next school year/talk about interesting things we had recently seen/share about what Church that day/etc.  We also worked on some handcrafts while we visited and just spent time together as a family - it was such a wonderful end to the day ...... I love when God blesses us with these little nuggets of family time.  ˚Ü˚

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