Dec 21, 2012

December in review

Well, this has been an eventful month for us .... it started out with Charlotte running her baby toe into a folded up lawn chair (she was racing the dog through the house and rammed her foot into the chair - I told her it was a good thing she didn't hit the piano (which the chair was leaning against) because the piano wouldn't have moved), anyway, the Dr. wasn't sure if she had fractured or dislocated her toe .... she was on crutches for a week when we found out that she had just severely bruised her toe.  Thankfully she's doing just fine now & hardly has any pain in her toe.

Last week all of us were sooooooooo sick - Josh ended up taking a week off of work because of it .... I missed 1 shift at the drug store and spent 2 days in bed (literally) because of it.  We all still have a cough from this cold & both Charlotte and I ended up on antibiotics because of it - hoping that we'll be pretty much done with this sickness by the time Christmas gets here.

Both of my jobs are going really well, and, even though it's taken me a bit to get used to working two jobs & still homeschool the kids - it's been a really fun challenge .... I think they even appreciate having me home on my days off, now, lol.

Right now, Don & the kids are enjoying the annual hay ride that some of our really good friends host (this is their third year doing it) - they start at the Church and drive through town singing carols, afterwards, they head into the Church basement and enjoy amazing fellowship while drinking hot beverages & eating homemade treats that some of the congregation members bring.  I didn't end up going tonight, I didn't really feel that getting chilled would be the best thing for me right now ..... we made sure that Don and the kids were thoroughly bundled up before they headed out, though.

Well, off to go & work on knitting some more mittens - have a great evening, everyone.  ˚Ü˚

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