May 18, 2010

What a day

Today is the third day that my daughter has had a fever - we're heading in to the Dr. this afternoon to get her checked out .... she says that her throat hurts, her ear hurts, it hurts to talk and she is stiff & sore (I think that last part is from laying in bed for the past couple of days.

On the weaving front, I am getting close to finishing up the blanket that I have been working on - there is only, about 30" - 35" left to weave on it. That probably sounds like a lot, but it goes really quickly with the weaving (a lot faster than I could knit or crochet it), lol.

Well, better go and make sure that my daughter is all ready to go to the Dr., have a great day, everyone ... go out and enjoy that beautiful weather while it is here to enjoy. ˚Ü˚

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