May 27, 2010

It's Official

Well, it is official - we are finally on Summer Holidays.  We start school the first day after the August long weekend and try to go to the end of May (sometimes we finish up a bit sooner than that) .... this was one of those years where we finished up early.  Last week C. was soooooo sick, we decided to call it done for the year - we had had our last visit of the year with our facilitator and everything was pretty much done, anyway ... basically just doing "filler" stuff to take up time, lol.

Today we get to take C. and my husband to the dentist in a near by city - it's just a cleaning/check up for C. but for my husband, they are prepping him to put a crown on his one tooth .... should be a nice long appointment (need to remember to bring a project along with me .... maybe socks??????).

This past weekend a friend of mine gave us a chalkboard - it has been put to good use at our house, already .... even though we are on summer holidays, we still have the kids do year round math (that way they don't forget everything come August).  Today, C. & I were working on some math problems and using the chalkboard to work them out on (and both the kids love drawing pictures on it .... not sure if the novelty of it will wear off, but in the mean time, we'll use it a lot).  I actually think I like chalkboards better than white boards - I have trouble keeping our white board white .... it has a tendency to keep the color of the marker on the board - not a lot of it, almost like a light shading in the background.  If that makes sense.  Also, there is no marker odor when I use the chalkboard .... maybe I'm just using the wrong kind of marker, but these ones kind of stink.

Well, I should go and round up whatever knitting project I'm planning on bringing with me - hope you all have a wonderful day.  ˚Ü˚

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