Aug 9, 2010

First Day of our New School Year

Today we started our new school year - the kids aren't exactly thrilled about it .... but that's normal, lol.

This is also the start of using the new agendas I did up for the kids - they need to start keeping track of certain things in their school day, so I made up some pages (using NeoOffice) and printed them out.  On Saturday when I was at work, I picked up a couple of those Five Star Flex NoteBinder's and put the pages in them.

Here is how it all looks in the book:

This is the cover of Josh's agenda (Charlotte's is red).  These NoteBinder's are really neat, they have divider pages, extra paper (ruled and graph) and they hold more than a 1" binder (plus, the cover can be folded around to the back of it .... like a coil-bound notebook).

Here is the first page - the Daily Planner.  On this page, the kids write in what they did for each subject (and add the amount of time that they did it for, if applicable).

The second page/section is their Reading List - they will start using this list once the Summer Reading Program is done with our online homeschool group.  The great thing about this section, is, when our facilitator asks the kids what they have been reading, they can simply flip to this section and show her.  Our kids read so many books that it is hard to keep track of all of them ... this will be their responsibility now.  ˚Ü˚

The third page/section is an Address Book - some of Josh and Charlotte's friends have email addresses as well as Blogs, this will be an easy place for them to keep track of all that information.

The fourth page/section is the Borrow/Lend List - there is a spot to write down what the item was, who you lent it to, who borrowed from you, when it is due back (especially for library books) and when it was returned.

Last page/section is for Websites - sometimes the kids find a really great website and they want to share it with other people, this is a place that they can write down the address and the name of the website so that they can share with their friends (or refer to it later for their own use).

I'm really, really hoping that the kids will use their agenda's, we've tried in the past and they haven't really taken to them.  This year might be different, especially since they have to keep track of what they are doing in their subjects.

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