Aug 6, 2010

Crazy Day

What a crazy day it's been .... actually it's been a crazy couple of days.  On Wednesday Josh started having a fever (I think the highest it got that day was 103˚F), this carried on into Thursday and got up to 104.9˚F ... add to this a headache, abdominal pains and diarrhea.  Today his fever, thankfully, came down (it only got up to 103.7˚F and then stayed around 98˚F), however the abdominal pains increased in intensity ... they also moved from around his belly button to his lower right abdomen.  We knew that the pain was bad when we found him curled up under the kitchen table (he had been about to eat some chicken rice soup when the pain hit) .... off to the Emergency room we headed.

While at the hospital, the Dr. ordered some bloodwork to be done on him .... thankfully everything came back normal (the Dr. was thinking that it might be appendicitis) and we were able to come home.  He is still in pain and a bit woozy (he hasn't eaten in a few days), but the Dr. figures that he should be pretty much back to normal by the end of the weekend - if it gets worse, though, we are to take him back to the hospital.

Soooooo, for the next couple of days, Josh will be taking it easy .... eating bland food so that he doesn't, further, irritate his stomach.  And, God willing, he will be back to his healthy, happy self by the end of the weekend (or at least the beginning of next week).

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