Aug 23, 2010

Little bit of an update (picture heavy)

This past weekend, we went over to the Fields store .... I really like going in and just looking around in this store (occasionally I even buy some things).

I had been searching and searching for longer bobby pins - the regular sized ones just weren't cutting it when I would put my hair up in a bun.  Sooooooo, while we were at Fields I happened to spy some larger ones ... I quickly grabbed a couple of packages (there is 48 in a package), they were only $1 for the package, so I didn't really think I could go wrong (if they didn't work, I was only out 2 bucks).

This is how big a regular sized bobby pin is (at least where I shop, lol):

Here is the size of the new ones that I bought:

Quite the difference, eh?

The smaller ones always felt so flimsy to me, too .... these new ones are really sturdy, I think I'm really going to like them - might even go and pick up a few more packages, just to have on hand.  ˚Ü˚

On Friday, I was still feeling the effects from all that smoke - having trouble breathing, very lethargic, hardly any voice, etc.  So, once the kids were done their schoolwork, we popped in a DVD to watch .... Josh and Charlotte had never seen this DVD before (we picked it up at Wal-Mart for $5):

I don't think I have ever seen Josh laugh so hard during a show before - it was almost more fun to watch him than it was the episodes that were playing, lol.

Yesterday, I was tidying up in the livingroom - we have an end table that has a drawer on the bottom of it (works great for holding the paper for the printer), on the top of the end table I have a, kind of, prayer station set up (the table is in between 2 armless chairs with storage under the seats):

Anyways, above the drawer of this end table is a big space - great clutter catcher ..... since we are trying to 'purge' the clutter, I decided to put a pet bed that I knit on there.  Well, it looks like it is a hit, as you can see, Artemis really enjoys it:

I need to make a new pet bed that is a bit smaller, as you can see, this bed is falling out in front of the drawer.  ˚Ü˚

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