Aug 20, 2010

I Spoke to Soon

Well, looks like I shouldn't have wrote that post about being able to breathe ..... the smoke from the 300 wildfires in BC has really moved in and set up camp in our area (although I'm sure its not just our area that is being affected).

Wednesday, Charlotte and I took one of her friends to a homeschool pool party - you could tell that it was smoky out by the "gold" tinge the rays of the sun had ... but you couldn't really smell it.  When we drove her friend home, Charlotte was given permission to sleepover at her friends house.  Yesterday afternoon, Josh and I went to pick her up (I had a parcel that needed to be picked up, otherwise I wouldn't have gone out) .... it was soooooo smoky outside, you could smell it and taste it (yuck!!!!!), it actually looked like a very thick fog had descended on the area.  I took some pictures of it with my cellphone ..... my phone and my computer aren't talking to each other right now, lol, otherwise I'd be able to show you them.  Anyways, just from that little trip outside - okay, I walked around in it a bit, too (maybe 5 minutes) .... I couldn't help myself - they have miniature horses at her friends house, lol, I ended up losing my voice and had very, very laboured breathing.

I did, however, manage to get a picture, with my camera, today - this is taken from my livingroom window (didn't want to chance going out in that smoke today):

We had also been trying to set up a wiener roast with some friends of ours, for this evening .... I'm very thankful that we decided to postpone it (they are haying right now).  Hopefully, when they are done with haying, the smoke will be gone and we can spend an enjoyable, smoke-free, evening hanging out in the backyard.  ˚Ü˚

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