Aug 25, 2010

Really neat idea

When you live in a trailer (oh, sorry .... Modular Home - HA!!! ... it's a trailer, lol), you don't have a lot of storage space.  Some of them have really great floor plans .... but still not a lot of storage space - I really don't understand that *shakes head*.  Anyway, I was checking out some blogs this morning (aka:  putting off doing dishes, lol) and I came across this:  Behind Closet Doors.  This is an amazing site - soooooo many wonderful projects and they look fairly simple to do (keeping in mind that I don't do the woodworking in our household, so I really have no idea, rofl).

We have the sliding closet doors in our bedrooms ..... however, this could possibly be something that gets done on the inside of the pantry door .... or even in the closet that has some of my yarn stash.  I'm thinking the possibilities are endless .... and that my husband is now cringing at the prospect of all these woodworking projects, lol.  ˚Ü˚

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