Aug 17, 2010

Sharing some quotes

Thought that I would post some of my collection of quotes I have .... at least this way, I'll have them all in one place when I go looking for them, lol.:

The word of God hidden in the heart is a stubborn voice to suppress.

      -- Billy Graham


An idol of the mind is as offensive to God as an idol of the hand.

      -- A. W. Tozer


For the rest of my life I'm going to trust that God is always at work in all things, and give him thanks long before my simplest prayers are answered.

      -- Nancy Parker Brummett


God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say 'thank you?'

      -- William A. Ward


Kindness is the oil that takes friction out of life.

      -- Author Unknown


Not only does sin hinder prayer; prayer hinders sin.  The two are always opposed.  The more careless we are about sin, the less we will pray.  The more we pray, the less careless we will be about sin.  Both sin and prayer are powerful forces.  Which one is moving you?

      -- Dr. Alvin Vander Griend


Perhaps one reason God delays His answers to our prayers is because He knows we need to be with Him far more than we need the things we ask of Him.

      -- Ben Patterson

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