Aug 19, 2010

New Prayer Shawl started

I started working on another Prayer Shawl the other night - I like to have one on the go all the time, as soon as one gets finished, I start working on another.  We're actually trying to build up a stock of them at our Church - this way, our Pastor can hand them out to those who are in need of one, right away, rather than waiting to get one .... the need may have passed by then.

I decided to use a crohook (a long double ended crochet hook) for this shawl because it is faster for me to do this than it is to knit or do regular crocheting and I love that the finished product, from using a crohook, is completely reversible.  ˚Ü˚

Here is one side of the Prayer Shawl I'm working on right now:

And here is the other side of it:

Isn't that neat how it is reversible - and it is the easiest pattern to do, too.  ˚Ü˚

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