Aug 5, 2010

This past weekend we went camping .... friends of ours have set up a private campground for them and their friends - it is a beautiful location right beside a river.

We headed out Friday evening (got there around 6:30) and stayed until Tuesday afternoon - our plan was to head out around 2:00 Tuesday afternoon but our truck had other plans .... we couldn't get it to start.  Thankfully Wes came to our rescue and helped Don get the truck started - it took forever to boost it.  Anyways after we left where we were camping, we headed to our friends place because we were picking up a new kitten.

This is Artemis - she's standing on top of the cat/scratching house that Charlotte built for her and she is just over 3 months old.  The collar looks really big but, the part that looks like it is hanging down from the front of her neck, it's actually a loop in the collar .... the collar is actually just a little bit to big right now - she has got a really small neck, lol.

Also, while we were out camping I managed to take a picture of our dog - he is a Beagle/Jack Russel cross and he's very hard to take a good picture of (almost like he's camera shy, lol):

Last time we were out camping with friends, we discovered the best way to have bacon cooked (Wes cooked it over the fire) .... it tastes absolutely amazing cooked this way.  Soooooo, this time that we were out camping, Don cooked it the same way:

Doesn't that look amazing.  ˚Ü˚

And finally, a picture of our camper & where we were camping:

That green spot in the middle of the left side of the picture is a tarp that was the cover of a lean-to shelter Don built to protect us from the rain.

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