Sep 4, 2010

New Nativity Set

Today I bought a new Nativity set, we needed to replace the last one I bought because it was burned up in our shed fire. This one was just recently put on display at the store where I work .... it's really different from our last one (the last one was a Jim Shore creation), our new one is in three pieces - I figured that this one would be "less temptation" for our cat, lol.

It kind of looks like the pieces are joined together, however, they are actually three separate pieces - both Don and Charlotte like it (Josh is sleeping over at a friends house so he hasn't seen it, yet) .... I was really thankful for that, I wasn't looking forward to taking it back, lol.

This picture is very similar to the one we used to have .... ours didn't have a stable with it, but it did have a sheep:

I really like the new one we have, now .... it's more plain than the old one - both of them have their own charm and I feel really blessed that we will have been able to have both of these items in our home.  ˚Ü˚

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