Sep 7, 2010

Fun For the Kids

For a really, really, really, really long time, Charlotte has wanted Don to build her and Josh a tree house - it has been a project that had a way of being put off due to other, more pressing, projects needing to be done.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Don bought Charlotte a book on tree houses - there are some really neat ones in this book .... makes me wish I was a kid again, lol.  Anyway, after reading through this book, Charlotte took it upon herself to get one started - Don gave her the wood and nails she needed and she went to it.  Her plan was to put it up on the tree in the front yard - she spent a lot of time planning this tree house and in her spare time (when she wasn't working on school work), she would go out and work on it.  The main stumbling block she encountered was that she needed longer nails.

A couple of Sunday's ago, Don was outside cutting wood, hammering nails .... the kids and I were inside getting some stuff done and had no idea what he was up to out there.  Charlotte finally finished her tasks and asked if she could go outside - she was excited that her Dad was home and that she could finally ask him to get her the nails she needed.  Well, she heads out there, runs up to Don and asks if she could get some supplies .... he looked at her and said "No, I'm not giving you any thing for the tree house out front" "But, I only need a couple of things", she replied.  "Nope, I'm not giving you anything for the one out front because I've started building one in the back yard".  I can only imagine the look of excitement on her face when she heard this ..... for the rest of the afternoon, she and Don worked on getting the floor and some support boards put up - they still need to put on a roof and some railings, but Charlotte is pretty happy.

The metal ladder that is in the pictures is the one Don was using to build it .... the wooden one is how the kids get up and down from the tree house.  ˚Ü˚

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