Sep 13, 2010

Really neat pictures

Today as I was out cleaning out the camper, I took a detour and wandered over to our garden ..... Don is trying to catch a mole (or two) that has taken up residence there.  The past couple of days has brought us a bunch of rain .... it hasn't been bothering me, I use these cooler days to work on some of my bigger knit or crochet projects - you know, the ones that you want laying in your lap to help keep you warm, lol.

Anyway, as I was out chatting with Don I happened to notice a spider web with raindrops on it .... one of the drops looked like it was about ready to fall through the web.  I asked Josh to run in to the house and grab me my camera (I didn't want to lose the spot where this was).  I managed to get some shots of it before Jake (our dog) came over to sniff what I was taking pictures of, *sigh* I'm glad I found it before he sniffed it, lol.  I couldn't decide which ones to actually post - I thought they all looked really neat .... soooooo, I posted all of them, lol.

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