Oct 29, 2010

So Excited!!!!!!!

This year, Josh is doing correspondence for his Language Arts curriculum - I was really, really nervous about him doing this .... same way I was when Charlotte went back to public school for grade 2 (did I teach her enough?, will she have a lot to do to catch up to the others? .... all were needless worries and she did just fine, better than I had hoped).  Anyways, as I was saying, Josh is doing correspondence and he has a teacher, that isn't me, doing his marking .... he has deadlines that he needs to meet and he has been doing really well with this, again, much better than I had hoped (sure, I need to prod him every once in a while, but I think that's normal).

Today, we received an email with his marks for Unit 2 (it was about plays, studying plays and writing one) - he did fantastic with it ..... for Unit 2:  Issues Scene he got 75%; for Unit 2:  Technical Terms Quiz, he got 100%; and for the Unit 2:  Written Scene he got 75%.  We're still waiting to hear back on his mark for his test on this unit.

When we got this email, I read it and literally ran down the house to get him so he could see his marks - he was really impressed with them, as he should be .... I probably won't lose my nervousness until he has completed Unit 9 (the last unit) in this course, lol.  ˚Ü˚

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