Nov 19, 2010

This & That

Well, according to the countdown thingy at the top of my blog, it looks like there is only 36 days left until Christmas ..... anyone else find that amazing?  I really need to get cracking on the gifts I'm making for the family (thankfully I have a bunch done up already).

It has been snowing every day this week - my poor car is buried under, about, 8" of snow .... and it's still coming down as I type.  I'm really hoping that the roads are in okay condition ... I need to go in and pick up a parcel, plus the kids want to go to the library today.  Another thing that I am hoping for is that people are figuring out that it's winter and they can't drive like it is summer conditions .... that really, really bugs me when people are sooooooooooooo reckless with their driving in the winter - they not only put themselves at risk, but everyone that they pass, too.

This past Sunday we discovered something that really helps Josh to pay attention to the sermon .... we gave him some pipe cleaners to fiddle with (he has inherited the need to keep his hands busy to pay attention more fully, from me).  While our Pastor was delivering her sermon, Josh was twisting and turning his pipe cleaners .... some of the creations he came up with were pretty interesting .... and the wonderful part of him fiddling with these, he was able to tell us exactly what the whole sermon was about (normally when we ask him about it, he tells us "I can't remember").  Usually, he likes to read his Bible during the service ... now, there isn't anything really wrong with that because he is participating with the rest of the congregation (standing up to sing, closing eyes to pray, etc.) - the thing that bugged me about it is that he wasn't fully paying attention.  So, having him use the fidget sticks (pipe cleaners) is a win/win for us - he gets to keep his hands busy and I know that he's paying attention.  ˚Ü˚

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