Jan 6, 2011

Knitting like crazy

A few years ago (well, probably more than a few) a friend of mine suggested that I do up a bunch of knitting and have a Christmas Craft sale - we were originally thinking of having this in our home (kind of an open-house thing), but now, we are thinking of seeing if I can get a table when our town has it's Christmas Farmers Market thing (it's not really a Farmers Market, there are people who sell Watkins, home decor, etc., as well as some crafters there).

So, I have been knitting like crazy and now have 14 items to sell at this event (if I can't get a table for this event, I'll probably have an open house thing ..... or end up with a lot of knitted items, lol).  It's kind of fun to find patterns for things to sell .... although, I think my friends are getting a little tired of me asking them what items that they look for at a handcraft sale - basically trying to figure out what kinds of items to make.

I'm also planning on doing up some sewing and maybe some weaving, too - haven't completely decided about the weaving, though.  Charlotte is also planning on doing up some crafts to sell, as well ..... and I think Don is going to be doing up a few items, as well (not sure if they will be woodworking or metalwork).  ˚Ü˚

On the downside of things, I have another cold ..... I'm getting really annoyed with this, it's been once a month that I've been getting sick (although, I was healthy for all of November, last year, lol) - I'm thinking that I need to start taking vitamins or something.  This cold has been really bad, though, it's mostly in my head (that sounds funny, lol) and the cold medication I've been taking has, barely, been taking the edge off of the headaches from it.  On the plus side, I've been getting lots of rest and watching lots of movies (I find it hard to read a book while I'm laying down, so I haven't been doing much reading).

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