Feb 10, 2011

My Celtic Cape

Yesterday, I restarted my Celtic Cape .... I wasn't really happy with the first wool that I had spun and plyed - which was also the yarn that I had started the hood facing with.  It was "hard" wool .... didn't have any give to it, at all ..... so, yesterday, I restarted with the last batch of wool that I had spun and plyed.  This wool is amazing to work with - it's not a soft wool, but I don't really want a soft wool since it's going to be an outerwear garment .... I am planning on having it lined once it's completed though, so that should help out somewhat, lol.

We've (the people participating in this KAL) have been getting "Bonus" patterns to go along with our Cape .... the first one was a toque (or, hat, for those that don't know what a toque is, lol).  I'm planning on making that one up in some alpaca (or maybe it's llama) that I received in a knitting swap - it's the same colour as what I'm using for the cape ..... a whole lot softer and less itchy, though.  ˚Ü˚  We also received a pattern for a pair of socks, which I'm thinking of knitting up, as well - later on in the year, though.  I've heard that there will be patterns for mittens, a tam, a scarf (I think) .... not sure what else this wonderful group will surprise us with.  ˚Ü˚

Here is a sneak peek at the start of my cape .... I made up the cover page for this pattern and I'm making sure that all the pattern pages are put into page protectors - since it's a year long KAL, I want to make sure that I have all the pages where I can find them ...... which is why I went with a red binder - wanted to make sure I would be able to find it, lol:

My MIL made me the yarn bell for Christmas a couple of years ago - it works wonderfully for holding the cakes of yarn that get made on a yarn winder.

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