Jul 27, 2011

something amazing has happened

Back in 2003, when we first started homeschooling, we were told that it was the biggest mistake that we could ever make and that it would do more harm than good for Josh.  When we first started homeschooling, Joshua would not go up to people and talk to them ..... in fact, he tried to avoid all contact with people that he didn't know.

Fast forward six months from when we first started homeschooling ..... his teachers & aides, that he had in public school couldn't get over the change in him - he was more outgoing and much more confident in himself .... he still wasn't totally comfortable going up and chatting with people he didn't know, but it was getting better.

Fast forward to the present .... Joshua is doing Work Experience at one of the stores in our small town - there are many people in this town that will go up to him and chat with him (many who he doesn't know) and he will have a conversation with them.  If a customer comes into the store and doesn't know where something is, Josh will go up to them and ask them if he can help them find what they are looking for (many of them are people he doesn't know).

Yesterday, one of the regular customers (at the store where I work) came in and told me that since Josh has been working at this store, he actually gets help in locating items there (he told me that it was a rare thing to happen at that store, before Josh started there).

So, now, when I think back to when we first started our homeschooling journey & remember what all those naysayers said ...... I can't help but wonder:  who was it the biggest mistake for?????????

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