Jul 30, 2011

trying something new

Well, it's finally happened .... we had to come up with a better system for getting the kids to do what we asked them to do.  When we would give them a list of what we wanted them to do, they would do one or two of the items (sometimes only getting it partially done) and then going and playing or reading.

Over supper tonight, it was discussed that the kids would need to earn their free-time (I'm sure you can picture the horrified looks on my childrens faces, lol) ..... I would do up some Job Sheets and then, once everything was completed on it (fully, not partially) they would have free-time.  I can see a bunch of you looking at your monitors going "Duh!!!!!!!!  That's a no-brainer", lol .... well, sometimes it takes me a bit to catch on to things.  The things we've tried in the past haven't worked, so we're praying that these Job Sheets will be the answer ...... we are at least hoping that this will help them to develop the habit of completing their tasks, before they go and do the things that they want to do.

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