Jan 11, 2012

Major Blonde Moment

Yesterday, I took Charlotte to piano lessons ..... I love taking her there because it is a solid half hour of uninterrupted knitting time (much like swimming lessons), lol.  However, yesterday I experienced a major blonde moment (and yes, I can say that, since I am blonde, lol) - I'm planning on making her a pair of socks to wear at dance class, but, when I went to cast on for these socks ...... I drew a total blank at how to do the long tail cast on!!!!!!!

The long tail cast on is one that I use on a regular basis (for the past 4 or 5 year, at least), it is a great stretchy cast on - which is perfect for the cuffs of socks, wristbands .... anything that needs to have a stretchy opening, really.

I sat there, during piano lessons, and kept trying and trying to figure it out, but finally had to admit defeat and use the cable cast on (mainly so that the yarn that was pulled out wouldn't get all tangled up).  Today, however, I sat down at the computer, brought up You Tube, to relearn how to do the long tail cast on - which was funny because, as soon as I sat down to do it this morning, my hands took over and quickly cast on the required number of stitches (without me even thinking about it) ::shakes head::  Well, now that they are cast on, it shouldn't take long to get them done.

Have a blessed day, everyone.  ˚Ü˚

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