Sep 13, 2012

Depressing news

Yesterday, I had the kids take a large blue recycle bag and fill it up with yarn - several ladies (along with myself) have been asked to knit slippers for the Ronald McDonald House.  I told them that I would be happy to help out & asked if they needed any yarn for this project - Marg told me that if I could spare some, that would be great - the sad thing is ..... with taking out that one large blue recycle bag, full of yarn - it didn't even make a dent on my stash (guess that's what happens when you're gifted a half-ton truck full of yarn ::sighs::).

Tonight, I received some depressing news (at least what I would class as depressing) ..... our school board has only been "officially" in this school year a couple of weeks, and already, we're being told "you're getting a new facilitator" ::sighs::  Now, normally, this wouldn't be a disturbing thing - friends of ours have had the same facilitator since they started with our school board (and they're excited about the change) .... us, on the other hand - we've been with this school board for 5 years (well, this is our fifth year with them) and we're on our 4th facilitator.

Reading that last paragraph makes it sound like we're a difficult family .... we're not - we've just had some bad luck with the facilitators that work for this school board:  our first one went on maternity leave half way through the year; our second one finished up the first year, then went on maternity leave half way through the second year; our third facilitator (who was actually our first facilitator) finished up the second year and almost all of our third year; our third year was mostly our first facilitator, but she went on maternity leave so we were given back to our second facilitator, & she didn't have time to take on a whole bunch of new families, so, we were given to our third facilitator (this was all within a two week period) & she assured us that she would not be going on maternity leave as she was past the child bearing age, lol; our fourth year was with our third facilitator; and two weeks into our fifth school year (two weeks for the school board, we've been back at it since August 13th) & we are being given to our fourth facilitator.  ::sighs::

Maybe I'm just tired of being passed around to different facilitators, but, it would be soooooooooooooo nice, if we could have a facilitator that stuck with their families ..... I'll definitely be praying that this one can, hopefully, be with us until Charlotte finishes school - only 4 more years to go.

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