Jul 4, 2013

One Seam Baby Slippers

 One Seam Baby Slippers
Becky Kibblewhite

    4mm crochet hook
    4mm knitting needles
    darning needle
    worsted weight yarn
    2 buttons

Instructions (RIGHT SLIPPER):
- With crochet hook, chain 40, remove hook and insert knitting needle in loop that the crochet hook was just in.  Pick up/knit 6 stitches from the bumps on the back of the chain strip (you should have 7 loops on the knitting needle),

skip 3 chains/bumps and insert needle into the 4th chain/bump (this creates the button hole).  Continue picking up/knitting stitches across.  (37sts)

 - Slip 1st stitch of each row and knit each row for 10 rows.  Bind off 15 stitches, knit to end of row, turn work. (22sts)
- Bind off 15 stitches, *knit across remaining 6 stitches and pick up 1 stitch from the Bind Off edge of the first 15 stitches you bound off (see photo below), turn work. (8sts)

- Knit 2 stitches together then knit across remaining 6 stitches.  (7 stitches on needle)  Repeat from * across for 28 rows or until there are no more stitches to pick up on the Bind Off edges (this is attaching the sides of the slipper to the sole (or bottom) or the slipper).

Here is how the bottom of the slipper should be looking, as your work is progressing:

 - Last row:  knit 2 stitches together and then bind off all stitches on this row.

 - Fold over side without buttonhole and then fold the buttonhole side over top of that.

- Seam through all 3 layers to close toe.

For LEFT SLIPPER:  chain 40, use knitting needle & pick up/knit stitches till there are 10 stitches left to be picked up/knit, skip 3 stitches and continue picking up/knitting stitches on last 7 chain/bumps.  Continue in same manner as for RIGHT SLIPPER.

Sew buttons in place and put on your favourite baby feet.  ˚Ü˚

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