Sep 20, 2010

Deviating from our normal routine

Yesterday we took a break from our normal routine - normally on Sunday's we don't use anything that uses a monitor .... it gives us a chance to intentionally connect with each other without having to compete with game systems/computers/T.V's/etc.  It amazes me, the conversations that we have on Sunday's, all because we choose to spend time together, doing things together.

Last night, after supper, we decided to watch a couple of movies while I was working on knitting a sweater for Jake - the first one was a surprise for the kids .... Prince of Persia, we all really enjoyed this one (Don and the kids actually ended up watching this one twice last night, lol).  The second movie was The Last Song - this one is a definitive tear-jerker .... if I hadn't been knitting, I would have been a sobbing mess sitting on the couch, lol.

Today and tomorrow, Don has off and today was a very low-key day for us, as well ..... Don and Charlotte spent most of the day in their p.j.'s reading books - I got caught up on emails and Josh worked a bit on his Language Arts course (he has to write a 300 - 400 word essay and he's never had to write this much in his life, lol).  In the afternoon, Don and I went in to the bank and then for a drive - ended up at Wal-Mart where I bought a new chair for spinning and a Hedley CD (The Show Must Go) .... which I'm listening to as I update my blog.

Oh, a while ago I had posted about a sweater that I had made for my great-niece (you can read about it here) .... well, her Mom sent me a picture of her modeling it.  I think she looks absolutely adorable in it .... what do you think?

It looks like it will fit her for a while, too - that's a bonus.  ˚Ü˚

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