Oct 5, 2010

Another project finished

Last Wednesday, I had been chatting with a friend about reusable cloths for the Swiffer Sweepers (not the carpet ones) - she had mentioned that she was a little leery about using the reusable ones because the ones that you buy pick up the dirt and stuff really well.  I mentioned to her that I knit the reusable cloths for my Swiffer Sweeper and that I would make one for her to try out.

So, last week I decided that I would use this as a learning opportunity to finally learn how to knit Continental Style .... the first one that I cast on, I didn't finish because I ran out of yarn.  The second one that I cast on was started on Sunday and finished on Monday - I mainly worked on it while I was vegging out on the couch (this cold is making it so that I don't have a lot of energy to do very much).  Here are the finished pictures of it (I cast on 50 stitches on 5mm knitting needles and knit in garter stitch until it was 8" long, cast off, weave in ends and enjoy):

Here it is laying flat.

I've put it on the Swiffer .... if you didn't like poking it into the holes, you could stitch up short ends (left and right of picture).

Showing the bottom of the Swiffer with the cloth on.

I really like how the reusable ones work - I make them out of the Bernat Handicraft Cotton (dishcloths are made out of this yarn).  They pick up pet hair like a dream - which is a good thing because our dog is shedding like crazy right now - something about the changing seasons (and he has mostly black hair *sigh*).  ˚Ü˚

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