Nov 24, 2011

yesterdays fieldtrip

Yesterday we went on a fieldtrip with our local homeschool support group ..... we went to a ceramic shop that is, actually, not far from where I live.  Unfortunately, one family was not able to attend (they were preg checking about 300 cows), and Josh decided not to go either ..... he stayed home and worked on his schoolwork.

All the kids had a great time - I didn't find anything that jumped out and said "Make Me!!!!!!", sooooooo, I worked on some knitting and chatted with the Moms and kids that were there.  Watching the kids choose the pieces that they wanted to make was very entertaining, as well ..... lots of "Oh, check this out", "did you see this one?", "Mom, can I make more than one??????", & "Come see this one!!!!!!!".  ˚Ü˚

Charlotte decided on a goblet - it has a gargoyle for the stem.  I managed to get some pictures of her working on it .... it still needs to be fired and then we can pick it up and bring it home:

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